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We are excited you visited our website. Pleasanton Complete dental care to achieve health wellness is the goal of our practice. Discover the connections between the mouth, your breathing, posture and systemic diseases that affect your health,wellness and balance.Improving  quality of life with  management of cranio mandibular pain. Maintaining good oral health may be the best way to stay healthy and prevent diseases. Like the saying goes your mouth is a window into the health of the rest of your body.
Our dental team is committed to your health by providing you with the latest advancement in natural remedy, modern treatment and technology. Our office is designed to make our patients feel right at home.  Come and visit us or call about any questions or health concerns you might have.. We also speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi and Tagalog.
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  • -patience o.
    We've been coming to Dr. de mesa for our dental since 2000. We are very lucky to have her as our family dentist. Most recently, she helped us identify an unsual breathing complication with our last child due to her thorough examination. As a result , our pediatrician was able to perform respiratory related surgery. We highly recommend her practice.
  • anonymous

    I am completely satisfied with the level of service I received from Dr. Yvonne De Mesa and assistant V. both are imperishable and have upgraded techniques and truly cares about the they put into every client.
  • anonymous
    Thank you for fixing my tooth ache I feel much relief and cannot begin to describe within 250 words how this office has helped me out of my pain. i was scheduled on short notice and they took the time to stay later than normal hours to finish the job. Thank you you are the best
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    We have an EMG machine in determining muscle and occlusal (bite) problems. This is to help our patient's suffering from TMJ disorders and occlusal problems. 
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    oral scanner
    Great news for people that has a gagging reflex. We have the oral scanner in our office to help with impressions and restorations.